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Is Amazon Chime right for your organization?

Amazon Chime is a secure enterprise ready unified communication service designed for a frictionless adoption by users anywhere on any device. High quality audio and video make virtual meetings a pleasant reality. The easy to use meeting room features make sure meetings run smoothly and free of frustration. Amazon Chime is an AWS managed service so your IT department can be assured of easy deployment and stable operations with a simple integration of your current infrastructure.

Amazon Chime Login

The user interface provides a consistent meeting experience across the many devices and platforms. Both hosts and participants must accomplish basic tasks effortlessly and the intuitive focus and consistent Amazon Chine user interface assures frustration free participation.

With Amazon Chime, you can manage communication, meetings, and events. Chat rooms provide a persistent venue for ongoing group communication. And group chats provide for an ad hoc team interaction.  There are a variety of status symbols that will help you stay organized as well.  Joining a meeting is as simple as entering a 10-digit number.  In addition, Amazon Chime offers organization a one click event mode that provides all controls to the organizer.  

Amazon Chime Pricing

Amazon Chime is a pay only for what you use model. This allows you to pay for the features you use on the days you use them.   

Amazon Chime also offers user management, active directory integration, as well as the ability to use your own domain name with auto registration of users.  It is also secure.  It is built on the AWS Cloud and since it is an AWS service it means you can benefit from a data center and network architecture that meets requirements of the most security sensitive organizations.  In addition, all of the communication done through Amazon Chime is encrypted using AES 256-bit encryption.  

Whether you are hosting an online meeting, video conferencing, team collaboration or business calling Amazon Chime can help simplify it by providing options on how you want to communicate in a single secure application that allows you to pay for only what you use.  So, if you think Amazon Chime is an application that could help your organization communicate better, then let’s talk. 

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